Toastmasters International is among the largest associations dedicated to the art of Public Speaking and Leadership with more than 16,600 active clubs world-wide.  

Toastmasters Nice is a bilingual club English / French.  Therefore members should have fluency in one of the languages and good understanding of the other. 

Guests are very welcome without any obligation and their comments are extremely valuable to us. However after the third visit we do ask if they would like to join (they normally do). 

Annual membership fee €140 + One time registration fee €25. Total €165. 

In order to become a member please Download, fill in the ‘Membership Form’ and send it back to

To Note – Adhesion gives access to all ‘Pathways’ programmes on-line!


Is to learn by practice.  This method is successfully used by all Toastmasters clubs around the world.  You will discover pleasure in speaking to a live audience.

This will not be ‘a tutorial’ but rather a series of opportunities to speak in public:  You will progress by practice in an informal atmosphere.  Regular assessments and encouragement are offered by fellow members. During a normal meeting, each member actively participates as a speaker, evaluator, animator, etc.

Each gathering offers a member the opportunity of expressing himself and by so doing, gaining self confidence.  

The Toastmasters strong, traditional educational system has served generations since 1924.   

The Pathways system will not depart from the existing educational programmes. Pathways will adapt, enhance and personalize these programmes  to successfully cope with our automated and very digital daily life.

There are 11 different pathways to choose from : Toastmasters International -Pathways Learning Experience

In case you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at